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Rick Baskerville

6818 Worcester Rd. | Palo, IA 52324


OneWay Financial & Estate Solutions, Inc. | Palo, Iowa


We don’t offer “get rich quick” schemes. We promise to teach you basic common sense financial rules and principles so you are able to make your own informed, educated decisions. We show you how to maximize market gains while minimizing risk. We sell products that guarantee absolutely no loss on your initial investment or any of your gain. We also offer plans that act like pensions so you know your future is secure. Many times in conversation we uncover financial needs or desires you didn’t realize could be so easily addressed. But, we do not sell or endorse any “get rich quick” advice.

Over the past 20 years, we have learned to keep it simple. In essence, to treat you like family. We will educate you, take time to learn from you, treat you with respect, and promise to serve you. So, if you want something more than a “financial institution” - come be a part of our “family.” Let us show you the way.

(Client recommendations available upon request - simply call and ask.)